A Magnificent Prediction for 2019: 56 Experts Share Insights for Marketing This Year

We’re sure your newsfeed is clogged with everyone’s predictions for the 2019 marketing year. So before you continue scrolling, hear us out on why you should take a look at our list.

We’ve been running our mouths about content marketing for the last few years and while we may think we have all the answers, truth is, content marketing has truly picked up steam in the last few months. And it’s continuing to be the #1 topic for marketing strategies heading into the new year.

41 Experts Share Their Top Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2018

I had a wonderful time attending the  Content Marketing World conference this year. This conference is seriously amazing. Not only is it a good time put on by good people, but you won't find a better line-up of speakers anywhere in the world; and for sure won't find a group of people more knowledgeable about content marketing. We thought it would be great to collaborate the top takeaways from these experts.