"The Boss”

Retired, 2017

Abraham was our leader for many years. He served as our office zen master, our voice of reason, and our motivator. We were always in love with this beautiful beast, but as he aged, he also reminded us of what was truly important in life; being present and giving to others.

Magnificent gives 10% of our yearly profits to Emancipet, an organization Abraham held close to his heart.



"The Manager”

Murphy runs Magnificent's satellite office, situated about 2.5 miles from headquarters. In addition to working, avoiding the sun, and kissing his brothers and sisters, Murphy is currently writing his autobiography: "Part Albino, All Luck Dragon: From The Shelter to The C Suite." He pees inside when he feels like it, and that's totally fine with us.



"Chief Culture Officer”

Ezra South heads up the culture club committee at Magnificent’s main office in Austin. She enjoys eating a carrot each morning, sitting in solitude in separate rooms, and making sure the team is staying on task.

She prefers naps and soft belly rubs over hard deadlines. And at lunch time she can be found with her head in your lap, begging for food. Be sure to stop by and give her a rub, or a carrot. Just no cats please, Ezra is still working on her self-confidence.



Co-Founder / CEO

David brings more than 25 years of sales, marketing, strategy & branding experience to the table. He believes in combining the tried and true with the latest and greatest to get the best results. He also believes in Willie Nelson and ghosts, but we can talk about that later.

David is the guy who has built something magnificent from nothing at all, and we think that’s pretty neat.



Co-Founder / Business Development

After 15 years of publishing a successful pet magazine, Liz Parker had a mid-life crisis which led to a new career with Magnificent. Her work is focused in the non-profit sector, because she enjoys making her co-workers feel like they aren't as charitable as she is. In her free time, Liz listens to 80's new wave music and true crime podcasts while cleaning up after her 7 dogs and sweet husband. She once put a finger nail clipping in to a locket before gifting it to her ex-stepmother.



Co-Founder / COO

What do you get when you combine creative genius, loads of development knowledge, and 17 years of publishing and leadership experience? You get Steve! 

He may be the guy behind the scenes, but he is always willing to pull back the curtain and dive into the strategy with you. 

Steve has three amazing boys, a beautiful wife, and a super sweet dog, Fergie. We don’t actually know how he does it all…but we do know he wore a fanny pack throughout most of high school.


Emily Jones

Creative Director

When Emily isn't busy cooking vegetarian meals, gardening, or camping around Austin, she is turning client products into accessible and engaging content.

She is well versed in photography, animation, video production, and hand-crafted birthday cards.



VP of Partnerships, Magnificent Marketing

Michelle has more than two decades of experience orchestrating sponsorships, events and award-wining experiential marketing programs. Her true passion is building and maintaining solid and meaningful brand partnerships that produce compelling, unique and engaging programs that draw customers into the brand’s culture.

Prior to joining the Magnificent Team, Michelle worked at Southwest Airlines in diverse roles including sports marketing, customer engagement, building national strategic partnerships with leading brands and curating events to enhance the Southwest music strategy.

We know. Major score.



Account Manager

Kyle Shepperd is an Account Executive with our team and an original "Austinite" from Austin, Texas. Kyle graduated from Texas State University in 1993 in San Marcos, Texas. Kyle has pioneered sales strategies throughout his career and has proven successful accomplishments in business development, marketing, advertising and client relationship management. Kyle has work values related to his occupation; honesty, service, integrity, respect for others, and success for his clients. In his free time Kyle enjoys being outdoors, fishing, kayaking, gardening, softball and live music in Austin.



Graphic Design

Kelsey is a native Austinite, she received her BA in philosophy and art at Texas State University and an MBA in marketing online. She is currently pursing an Associates Degree in Graphic Design and in her spare time enjoys painting, yoga & hiking the greenbelt with her 3 dogs.