The 5 Pillars of Growing and Scaling Your Business on LinkedIn with Chaz Horn


Chaz Horn has worked in sales for over 25 years, during which he has been the top sales representative in five diverse industries.

After dominating the sales world, he decided to open his own business, which utilized his unique sales and marketing systems.

His approach sprang from an extensive survey he did with over 3000 business owners, founders, CEOs, presidents, and C-level executives.

With this information and experience at his disposal, Chaz takes to the podcast to discuss his TABS process and his five pillars for scaling your business on LinkedIn.

What is TABS and How Can It Help You Establish Authority on LinkedIn?

When it comes to conquering LinkedIn, Chaz has come up with a system called TABS. He landed on that particular acronym because it’s all about keeping tabs on yourself and your business.

The “T” is for “technique.” Chaz stresses that technique isn’t about manipulation, but, rather, having the intention to serve. It also refers to being the driver of the sales and marketing process, as opposed to simply being a passenger.

The “A” refers to “attitude,” which means that you need to get in the proper mindset in order to perform to the best of your abilities. In the proper mindset, you’re able to bypass a lot of the fluff that might come your way and focus in on the core issues.

“B” is for “behaviors.” This is the process of not just putting yourself to action, but finding the right actions. A large part of successful behaviors has to do with consistency, thinking on the fly, and being spurred by your failures instead of debilitated.

The final letter, “S,” stands for “strategy.” This is all about finding an audience and establishing yourself as an authority. Without this, your audience has no reason to listen to you over anybody else and will happily scroll right past you to the next person.

What Are the Five Pillars for Scaling Your Business on LinkedIn?

It all starts with your profile. In three seconds, visitors to your profile should be able to get a sense of who you are and what you offer. This involves having an updated picture, a banner, and being authentic. A combination of professionalism and relatability will take you a long way.

Under your picture, you want to have an interesting label. For example, instead of “founder,” use something more unique and tailored to your skills, like “sales and marketing strategist.” This puts your value front and center.

The next step is keyword optimization, which isn’t referring to ranking your profile on Google, but within LinkedIn. There are certain keywords that are searched most often, and by dispersing them throughout your profile, you can rank higher on LinkedIn searches.

Next, you need to make sure you’re putting out quality articles, not cheesy marketing posts. Your articles need to be content-rich and authority-building – people need to feel like they’re getting something from you.

You also have to pay attention to how you message your connections. Sending sales pitches as your hello is not the way to go. Just like any other relationship, your LinkedIn connections need to be developed. Before you go asking for other people’s help, make sure you’re of use to them.

The final two pillars have to do with LinkedIn groups and notifications. For the former, this helps you to have a go-to target audience and is great for long-term benefits.

For notifications, this means paying attention to stuff like your connections’ birthdays and making sure you comment on them. This keeps your connection with your connections strong and personable.

Where Can You Learn More of Chaz’s Ideas?

Chaz encourages people to reach out to him on LinkedIn and send him a message that you listened to the podcast.

You can also find Chaz’s masterclass online or sign up for a breakthrough strategy session, in which he’ll go deeper into the sales side of LinkedIn. Here is a replay of Chaz's MasterClass here:

While LinkedIn is where it’s easiest to get in touch with Chaz, you can also find him on YouTube, where he uploads short videos on sales and marketing tips.