Ten things you should know before digging into Instagram Marketing


Instagram was launched in 2010, and since then, it has taken the social media world by storm. A regular user of Instagram may have intimately experienced the growth of this social media platform from a simple photo-sharing app to one of the most prominent social media platform. Since Instagram has grown into a powerful platform and now it is more than just a photo-sharing app. If you are looking to boost up your Instagram marketing, then it will be better to know about some Instagram marketing tips. A lot of people and businesses are moving into Instagram and growing like the biggest social media platform, Facebook. If you are willing to show your product in front of millions of people, then you need to focus on social media networking rather than SEO.

A social media enthusiast and senior SMO services expert at Tangensys said - there are more than 500 million people across the world are using Instagram every day and use it for sharing content. You can sell your products by posting photographs, videos, or sharing stories. In case you are a novice in designing and creating content, you can easily display some beautiful stories for the audience. But before digging into Instagram marketing, you must know some essential things that will help you to grow your business in Instagram. What are those? Let's check it out.

Switch to a business account

The main thing you must know and execute is to switch your regular Instagram account to a business account. It's quite an easy job to turn a regular account into a business account. Just go to your settings and click on the "Switch to Business Profile" to get the job done. There are so many benefits of having a business profile. For example, followers can quickly get in touch with you by just clicking the contact button right from your Instagram page. A business account always lets you create and circulate Instagram ads without using Facebook's advertising tools. You can also use Instagram analytics tools named insight, which provides all the stats about the impression and reaches of your post.

Always try to use free Instagram tools

The Instagram business account is not more different from the Facebook business account. By using the analytics tools of Instagram, you will get to see impressions, data engagement, and many more. You will also be able to get so much information about the follower like their age, gender, location, and activity. These tools are free to use because you can use them to realize precisely how users are interacting with your posted content, the more you can understand about this fact, the better you can arrange your post to improve attention.

Post some teaser of your product to attract people

Instagram may be the best place to promote your product, and you will be able to boost the promotion by posting a teaser of the product. And if you could do that well enough, then more and more customers will attract towards your product. When you post a treasure of any product that people are interested in, you don't have to do anything to let them purchase your product they will automatically buy it. If not, then at least they will like and comment on your product or share it with a friend.

Creating sponsored ads

Instagram ads have become a crucial part of increasing marketing, the best part of creating sponsored ads is you can control precisely how much you have to spend on them by establishing an ad budget. You can showcase one or more sponsored ads by using the carousel feature. For sponsoring ads, you have to select an engaging content while also disputing to the target demographic, in front of whom you want to post the ad. Try to run several posts to different customers simultaneously for engaging more. Remember, there are several forms of sponsored ads to post photos, stories, videos, and carousel, etc.

Use Instagram stories for advertising the product

If you want to boost up your marketing, then Instagram stories are there to help you. Instagram stories are slightly different from a regular post because they are in the slideshow format and live only for 24 hours, but it can be saved to any of your devices to use it later. The benefit of using Instagram stories for marketing purpose is it displays at the top of the follower timelines where users can see your story. Instagram stories can only be viewed through the mobile Instagram app, and you can't send any Instagram Stories as a direct message.

Make any influencer as a partner

Do you want to obtain a conceivable buyer on Instagram? Then probably an influencer can help you to do this job quickly because they have already composed an audience with a vast number of followers. People are buying those products more, what they see in their feed from the influencer they follow and they trust them. The thing you have to do is to try and identify a few influencers that have an audience that is appropriate for your product or services.

Make a collection of the user-submitted images

There is a simple method to create great content for your Instagram page without doing any hard work, and that is through user-submitted photos. Since you already have an audience of hundreds or maybe thousand to generate useful content for you. You might be thinking about how to do it? It's so simple, indeed. Just let them know that you are going to tag them in your post, then they will have a reason to post user-generated content on a steady purpose.

Make an engaging branded hashtag

If you are facing any problem in creating instant engagement, then, a branded hashtag is a great way to overcome this problem. Customers can use your tag to post user-generated content that allows any user to search through all posts communicating to your product. It also allows you to search easily using images that you might want to assess posting again on your page. And if you already have any famous brand slogan or phrase, use it as your hashtag.

Try to post at the perfect time and prevent over-posting

Over-posting on Instagram may decrease the number of your followers. If they only get to see only your post on their feed then, there is a strong possibility of following you. All you have to do is to post consistently so that they won't get irritated from your post and you stay in their news feed regularly.

Be sure to track the perfect metrics

You will not be able to boost your Instagram marketing performance unless you know how your post and page are performing. When you get the perfect result, then only you will get to know precisely what is working and what's not.


There you have ten important tips to know before digging into an Instagram marketing, and I am quite sure that following these steps can help you a lot in boosting your Instagram marketing. Finally, I want to say that Instagram is a massive platform for marketing and if you're going to put your feet in this field

Author Bio: Manish Kumar is a digital marketer by profession and an avid blogger in free time. Currently, he is working with a digital marketing agency- Tangensys. In his 6 years digital marketing career, he had helped many brands to grow digitally.