Software That Your Small Business Needs To Employ For Better Efficiency


The fact that you need to be very well aware of is that the business world is huge, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship, and the one certain thing about it is that it is only going to grow in the years that are to come. That is why an important task for you is to keep your own small business on top. This among other things means that you need to be in the loop when it comes to all the latest software that is available, including tools for marketing, task management, accounting, improved productivity, HR, and so on.

It’s important to know that your aim is to work smart instead of hard. Your competition is already using a lot of these tools in order to make their businesses more efficient, and you mustn’t allow your own business to be a step behind. So, even if you prefer some traditional methods of doing business, there is an abundance of software out there that can make everything significantly easier and better.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best software that your business needs in order to run efficiently and stay on top of the market.


GSuite is a suite of apps coming straight from Google, so you can already imagine that it is a top-notch solution. The aim of GSuite is to provide you with as many possible functionalities that your business might require. For starters, you can purchase your domain with it. Then, when you’ve set up a website, you can track analytics for it.

It also comes with a neat email client, as well as all that you need to run a high-quality marketing campaign. There’s a lot more in the package, and all that for a low price. The basic idea is that you keep your focus on your branded domain and all that with Google at your back.


If you are looking for a good accounting software, then Kashoo might be just what you need. It makes invoicing, taxation, audition, and so on, a simple task. It has its own gateway via which you can accept credit card payments. It is also very useful in that it includes a feature for different currencies. It automatically gets a hold of current exchange rates and connects more than 5,000 bank data feeds. You can see all the business data that is important to you on the main dashboard.

It is a very-well supported app, so you can contact the developers via chat, email, or phone. You can try it out with a 14-day free trial, and then decide whether you want to subscribe. A monthly prescription costs $19.95, while you can go for an annual one for $199. The only downside is that the mobile version of the app is only available for iOS.


When it comes to handling HR-related issues, JazzHR is a good choice. It’s specifically made for interview management and applicant tracking. You can use this software’s real-time platform to post jobs and screen job applications, as well as to supervise the whole interview process. It enables you to generate custom stages for hiring and automate tasks such as reminders and follow-up emails. You can also include stakeholders into the whole process, by making them users and setting up their levels of privacy and permissions.

With JazzHR you can post on various job search websites, and be certain that your title and job description are as efficient as possible thanks to an integrated set of SEO tools. It also covers a wide variety of other things that you might require, such as applicant screening, social recruiting, referral programs, background checks, recruitment calendars, and much more. It doesn’t come with its own mobile app, but the interface is automatically optimized for whatever device you are using.


Most businesses can benefit a lot from having a tool that can enable them to supervise the attendance of their staff as well as when they check in and out, schedule jobs, tasks, and visits, and generate attendance and time reports. A company in Australia offers roster software called FreshOps that can help you do all of this quite easily. It also enables you to set a particular date for any task and inform all your employees about how to do it properly. After it is done, you can simply verify it as finished.

This software is useful because with it you can supervise and manage each and every visit, employee, client, and contact. Furthermore, it enables monitoring everything that is being done in the field. It can be used on a device of your choice (desktop, mobile, or tablet), thanks to the fact that the Responsive Web Portal is implemented into it.

In today’s huge market, every business, especially a small one, needs to make use of contemporary software that is created for the purpose of making running a business a lot simpler and more efficient in many ways. It is basically something that can and will give you an edge over your competition. The great thing about software is that a lot of it can be customized so that it perfectly fits your company’s needs.

A lot of businesses out there aren’t very familiar with all the tools that are at their disposal and therefore suffer the consequences. Not being in touch with the current software and tech is most commonly a death sentence for a company, as it won’t be able to reach the potential of its competitors due to lagging behind as a technologically inept business.



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