Local SEO Tactics & Strategies to Increase Traffic


The extent of penetration of online marketing has made it essential for the marketers to know about SEO technique. To implement SEO technique on your website and other aspects of online presence, you need to know that what SEO actually is. SEO stands for search engine optimization through which the traffic on a website is increased qualitatively and quantitatively by using natural non-paid marketing techniques. Various methods can be involved in getting the desired results, but the use of keywords for website ranking is the most prominent and efficient one in this regard. Although the simple SEO can provide you with better results than the non-SEO online presence, in order to establish your business locally, you need to go for local SEO techniques. These techniques are not very different when it comes to the overall purpose of using them, but technically, you can expect a huge difference in the general SEO and Local SEO.

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In this article, we have highlighted the local SEO tactics for increasing traffic to your website and ultimately to your business.

Optimize your Content:

Optimization of a website is something that must provide you with the base for ranking your website for both the search engines and the audience. Stuffing of keywords that once managed to generate online sales is not workable anymore. You need keywords in your content, but the content in itself must be engaging enough that it can grab the attention of the audience. Proper curated content also have a big role in optimizing your SEO for local searchers.

Managing your Meta title, Meta description, etc. can be some of the ways for improving the current state of your content along with the incorporation of the regular and updated content to satisfy the readers and the algorithms of the search engines. You must ensure that location of your business gets a prominent place in each of these parts of the website so that you can establish a clear statement about your existence in a particular location, which will be reflected in the search queries posed by the searchers.

Researching keywords:

The science behind selecting the right kind of keyword is to get to the minds of the searchers and find how they would actually look for a specific need. This is one of the main aspects of differentiation between the successful and failed websites. In order to find the right solution to this issue, one of the things that you can do is use Google Keywords Planner, which can easily help you in getting the most suitable keywords for your niche.  You can go for long tail keywords to get the best results when it comes to local SEO. Using the location of your business as the part of your keyword can be fruitful, so you must consider it in planning the right sort of keyword.

The ultimate choice about the keyword is dependent on the competition present in the industry and your expectation of growth. Ranking for general terms can be easier as compared to specific term. But here the choice and the effort are yours, so you can choose the one that you would consider appropriate for your business.

Maintain Consistency:

The consistency of the available information online is important to create a good impression for the search engines. Whether it is the online directory on which your business is listed, or it is the about section of the social media platforms, you are expected to create a consistent way of providing all your information to gain good results from your local SEO. Your address, spellings of the business name, address streets must be exactly similar on all the forums. You are even not allowed to change the commas and dashes from your address. This makes it easier for the search engine to locate your presence online and it creates a positive impact on the ranking of the business.

Optimize your social profiles:

Using social media for creating a better ranking on the search engines is one of the plus points that every local business must utilize. By listing your business on the online business listings and then promoting it on various social media, platforms allow your visitors to check in and tag your business in their posts. It helps in increasing the overall presence of your business name and thus an improvement in the online ranking.

Additionally, the simple engagement on social media forums can also generate positive ratings for your business so if you have a good follower’s base on your social media platform, that is great and you must update your social media pages regularly for generating the most out of it.

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Optimize mobile usability

Over 1 million mobile phones are added to the existing pool of mobiles. So, you can expect the advantages that mobile phone websites can bring in for you. Additionally, if you are a local business, you must expect the mobile phone users to search for their nearby business in a particular category. So, if you do not have a website for the mobile users, you might disappoint them. Additionally, the search engine gives a better ranking to the websites that are available in desktop, tablet, and mobile versions. Also, your website must be responsive to give better browsing experience to the users and ease of loading to the search engine.

Upload eye catchy pictures

For local SEO, it is essential that you must use the pictures of your business that can define the scope and give the idea about it. These pictures can be helpful in enhancing the credibility of your business with both the users and the search engine.

Keep monitoring results

SEO is not something static, so leaving it after applying the strategies once; you will not get the benefit in the long term. Additionally, some of the on-ground realities might change with time, including the level of competition and keyword ranking, so this requires you to keep a constant eye on your strategy and the results generated from it.