Impact of Blockchain Technology in Digital Marketing


In this era of technology, digital marketing is the one aspect that has become very prevalent among the businesses. If any company is interested in making their brand more visible, then it is relevant for them to make use of the many platforms that are available online today. One of the popular platforms is social media sites.

Undoubtedly, there is no denying that digital marketing is growing very hastily nowadays. But there is another technology that is gaining immense popularity like digital marketing and that is Blockchain. It is all set to diversify the digital marketing world in an entirely new manner.

Understanding Blockchain technology

The Blockchain technology is not only digital but also decentralized also. This technology is efficiently making a mark in the diverse businesses and industries like the world of digital marketing. It can keep an account of the transactions that happen on the client-server networks. The storing of records is ensured protectively in several systems that are decentralized. The noteworthy aspect of Blockchain technology is that because of not having any centralized point it is less susceptible.


Now the technology is on the rise in the digital marketing world, adding the newest revolution to the association among the businesses and the consumers. The primary objective of this technology is increasing the clearness in all the spheres of companies because of the information stored digitally. It is effortless to temper the information or delete it.

Blockchain technology impacting the digital marketing world

The Blockchain technology is changing the digital marketing world in the following ways:

Affecting the privacy of data

Blockchain can influence the digital marketing in a lot of manners, and one of the possible changes includes customer data sharing. One of the significant problems that customer across online is privacy.

Businesses can easily access the information of customers through the sites visited, searches, products they bought and through the information they integrated on the sites. Data leaking and hacking is one of the major concerns for customers and at times for business owners as well.


The use of Blockchain technology is useful in eliminating this issue. This technology is accumulating the security features like encryption and two-factor authentication system which doesn’t allow an individual to access the information. It is essential for a person to verify the identity then only they can obtain the information. Data is secure with the Blockchain technology, and customers don’t have to feel insecure now.

Alterations in digital advertising

The digital marketing world is developing increasingly, but still, it has a long way to go. One of the issues that frustrate the user is the overloading of ads. Professionals stated it as the lack of comprehension among the businesses about their customers or audience. It gets very irritating when the user is visiting a page, and suddenly the screen is popped up with some ad, and the complete screen is intrusive.

Blockchain technology is offering the software named as Basic attention token (BAT). It can change the interaction between the users, advertisers and publishers. This software accumulates three steps, and they are as following:

  • Promoters can purchase ads with the use of the app on the brave platform.

  • Users can decide the sort of ads they are interested in viewing. They don’t have to see the ads that are unwanted and unnecessary. Promoters or advertisers get paid half of the actual amount that they paid to buy the ad that too if users view the advertisement.

  • Customers get the commission from the BAT. The payment is also done for the publishers, but the amount is more substantial than the customers.

No requirement of intermediaries

Blockchain technology is offering the vast opportunities to the digital marketing world. One of them is that the advertisers don’t have to rely on intermediaries for launching the campaign of ads and for transactions.

Earlier, the primary source used to be Google and sites like Facebook. But with Blockchain technology, there is no requirement of an intermediary. It confirms the significant enhancement in the digital marketer’s income efficiently.


Earlier promoters didn’t get to know about their published ads which at times used to cause them spending money to post their ads. Advertisements frauds were becoming frequent, so Blockchain technology came to the rescue. It is a technology that is transparent. The use of this technology allows the advertisers to gain the understanding for their published ads. They can know who is viewing their ads.

Final words  

The Blockchain is a very beneficial technology and is revolutionizing in a lot of industries. It is impacting the world of digital marketing in a very positive way. Every business should consider this technology if they are targeting to establish their brand or name in the digital world. The real value of Blockchain technology is still to be seen. 


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