Getting a Handle on Facebook: 4 Steps to Optimize Your Facebook Ads


Facebook is one of the main social media platforms for business marketing.

Others are quickly catching up, but Facebook has set the bar as far as what businesses can achieve through social media outlets.

Have you tried Facebook marketing?

A lot of people are somewhat confused as to how to do this properly. They wonder how often they should post, what they should post about, and whether they should invest in Facebook ads.

The latter is what we’re going to delve into today.

Recently, I had a discussion with Facebook marketing master Azriel Ratz about this topic. He explained why this type of marketing is so important and provided four steps to help businesses optimize their Facebook ads.

We Can’t Ignore Facebook – Why It’s so Valuable to Your Business

Some people wonder whether Facebook ads are a waste of time and money.

Here’s the thing – most people are really into Facebook. We’re talking millions of potential customers who are on Facebook every single day.

E-commerce is getting bigger and bigger. It gives businesses of all sizes the opportunity to build their business in ways they never thought possible. And Facebook is a big part of that because it provides a worldwide platform for brand exposure.

Facebook is an amazing way to get your content out there to your target audience.

Azriel has years of online marketing experience and has perfected his strategy, allowing him to help companies find their ideal audiences and create ads that are relevant for their company and their audience. He’s even wrote a book about it to help business owners like you!

On average, Azriel’s ad campaigns on Facebook return up to five times the original cost of the ad. He wants everyone to know that, with the right optimization, they too can have similar success.  

How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads in 4 Straightforward Steps

Azriel likens most people’s Facebook ad campaigns to throwing things at the wall and hoping they stick. The problem is that if something does stick they don’t understand why. They won’t understand why an ad made money, which means it will be really difficult to repeat the process.

Here are four tips that can help you optimize your Facebook ads to reach your goals.

1. To Achieve Your Goals You Must Know What Your Goals Are

Start everything off with a business goal.

Let’s say you want to grow more high quality leads. You want to choose an ad campaign that reflects that goal appropriately – maybe one that is conversion-based or you can even choose a Facebook lead ad.

Get very clear on your business goals so that you know what kind of campaign to invest in.

2. Find the Best High Quality People to Run Your Ads To

You want to purchase ads that will appeal to the best high quality people.

One single ad won’t appeal to everyone because each person is at a different phase of the purchasing journey.

Ultimately, you want to target those who want to buy your products.

In order to find the right audience, you need to do some sleuthing. This usually involves campaigns that target certain groups of people within your audience.

Separate your different audiences and target them with different campaigns. After a few ads go out, you can look at your results and see which audience is more inclined to buy. Then, you can shift most, if not all, of your ad budget to this audience.

3. Ad Content Creation: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Instead of creating completely different content for every single ad, Azriel has a strategy that helps him work smarter, not harder.

He starts by creating three lines of copy: Sentences A, B, and C.

Then, he duplicates the ad set and switches around the positioning of the text. So, the first ad will be sentences ABC. The second ad will be ACB. The third will be BAC. He ends up with six different versions of the ad.

Then, he chooses four different images or videos, which gives him 24 different versions of the ad.

Finally, he makes three new sentences (DEF) that are a little different than his original ABC sentences and changes sentences DEF around to end up with six versions of those sentences.

Again, he adds four different images and the end result is a total of 48 different yet similar ads. Facebook will run each ad and he’s able to see which one gets the best ROI.

4. Optimization: Analytics You Need to Keep Your Eye On

There are two clues that will give you insight into whether your ads are effective or not.

Facebook charges you based on impression. You can tell what Facebook thinks of your ad by looking at your cost per impression.

If your costs are high, it means Facebook isn’t happy. And there are two reasons for this: You’re not targeting the right audience or you’re not running the right ad.

To find out which it is, all you need to do is go to the ad set level and see which ones have high impression costs.

If all of them are high, the ads are the problem. If only some of them are high you’re targeting the wrong audience.

Now you know what you need to do: Create new copy for your next set of ads or target different audiences.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot for Facebook Ads to Be Effective

A lot of business owners hold themselves back because they don’t have a big marketing budget. They think they have to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for Facebook advertising to be effective.

Azriel pointed out that spending about $50 a day on ads can be sufficient. But even if you don’t have that much – even if you only have $5 a day to spend – you can effectively market.

That is, of course, as long as you target the right audience and optimize your ads to appeal to them. Only then can you garner the best ROI.

How would you like more ad marketing tips from the Facebook Master? All you have to do is like his Facebook page: Ratz Pack Media. Azriel posts three to five videos there every single week. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.


About Azriel Ratz

Through his years of experience in online marketing Azriel Ratz has perfected his strategy for companies to find their ideal audiences and create the most relevant ads for their businesses.

Azriel's Facebook ad process is FEO (Find, Engage, Optimize). Begin by find the right audience, then engage that audience with the best possible ads, then optimize the ads to get the best possible results. To learn more about this process go to