7 Marvelous Ideas That Make E-Commerce Gift Wrapping Really Easy


For so long as we have been giving and receiving gifts, it has also been observed how the gift is presented. After making a purchase on the market, we often expect gift wrapping but sometimes don’t get one. E-commerce business, however, relies heavily on the manner in which packages are delivered to their customers.

You sure have sent gifts after buying them online to your loved ones, and you perhaps have asked them a beautiful wrapping for the same. This is because an attractive wrapper also tells a lot about how important the person is for you. So, the value of good wrapping is much more than meets the eye.

It becomes crucial for retailers as well to offer eye-catching gift wrappers and labels. iCustomlabel provide best labels for gift wrapping. In addition to the traditional way of gift presentation, wrapping or packaging may also include a simple box with a message that evokes certain image of the sender and provider.

If you are looking for e-commerce gift wrappers, we have many DIY gift wrapping ideas for you as follows:

Image Credit:  homemade-gifts-made-easy.com

Image Credit: homemade-gifts-made-easy.com

2.      DIY Gift Bag

Whether you are going to attend the birthday, wedding or any other special event, you have to make sure that your gift is presented nicely to the recipient. Gift bags, therefore, are excellent way to make your gifts even more special. The ecstasy gets doubled when you make one for yourself. It’s a fun activity to make gift bags apart from saving your bucks. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of these gift bags is it can readily accommodate odd-sized or odd-shaped gifts. You can accessorize these bags as much as you want using your creativity.


3.      Personalized Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes

Here is a wonderful DIY paper craft for you with which you can deliver your precious little gift items to your friends or special ones. These paper pyramids are truly the pieces of creativity that look stunning. Most importantly, they can be used and reused again. We are pretty sure that there are many occasions when you use these awesome boxes beautifully. So, go on and try your own version.


4.      It’s Time To Think Outside The Box

It is the time to rev up your creativity and bring out the Michelangelo sleeping inside you. You can create gift wrapping designs for different occasions by incorporating different themes also. How to make embellishments is up to you. So give different looks and shapes to different gifts this season by adding fun element of style and surprise to their wrappers.

Outside The Box1.jpg

5.      Stunning Gift Wrap For Kids

When it comes to wrapping the gifts for kids, there are countless ways to make them happy and surprised. Apart from the original gift inside the box, you can attach their favorite item with the wrapping. Usually they prefer their favorite superhero or TV/cartoon character. What you need to do is wrap your gift box in a craft wrapping paper, instead of putting a ribbon or a bow, attach toy cars, color crayons, or candies with it.

Gift Wrap For Kids.jpg
Gift Wrap For Kids1.jpg

6.      Sparkle It Up With Confetti

You can do a lot of things with confetti apart from celebrating birthdays, weddings or New Year. So using it for decorating your gift wrap is a nice idea, which is a spectacular embellishment that too hassle-free. All you have to do now is wrap your gift box on a plain paper, put a few strips of double stick tape, and sprinkle confetti on top. The gift is ready to be sent.


7.      Read It Then Wrap With It

What will you do with old magazines? Give them for recycling, isn’t it? Wait! You can also use them in decorating your gifts. All you need to do is make strips from the pages just like ribbons and bows in different lengths. Now, bend the ends of these strips in different shapes, stack them with each other and create beautiful arrangements.