6 Tips to Turn Your Social Media Audience into App Marketers?

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Social media marketing is cheap and effective to reach your audience quickly. Unlike other marketing channels, social platforms only allow creating footsoldiers to spread the marketing message on their own. This is why new mobile app development companies with shoestring marketing budget should take the tricks and tips of social media more seriously. Here through the length of this post, we are going to explain a few ways you can turn users into app marketers.


For marketing your app, you have an array of channels at your disposal. Apart from the few most prominent and leading ones, several others equally enjoy a large audience. But, social media marketing is time-consuming and involves consistent and continuous engagement. Naturally, maintaining a presence across too many channels is quite impossible without a large team of social media marketers. This is why it is advisable to choose a few channels that are most effective for your niche. Let us explain a few choices and their respective niches.

  • Facebook is the most common channel with the widest presence across all niches. Twitter is the microblogging platform that equally engages an audience across all niches. These two channels seem quite invincible for any marketer.

  • For app niches with an emphasis on visual contents, Instagram and Pinterest are great channels.

  • While Pinterest is ideal for the female audience, Google+ is a male-dominated channel.

  • LinkedIn is dominated mainly by professional, Business2Business and technology contents.


Suppose you make a social media group that nicely brought the name of your brand in the context of a social cause. The group name is thus equally compelling with a social cause at the forefront and well positioned to spread the marketing message because of the presence of the brand within the group name. That's one cunning way to make people talk about your app. But believe me, it works.

  • When pushing user-run groups, give users full autonomy in publishing contents that meet group rules and standard.

  • Publish interesting and instantly engaging contents about your app that can add value to people's lives.

  • Continue to bring in more people on board every day with a focus on your target audience.


To make your audience self-initiated marketers for your app, the easiest thing to do is to make your content viral. Content goes viral by being shared hundreds of times by your audience and these shares making your content going viral are nothing but small acts of self-initiated marketing. Question is how to produce contents that go viral. Let us share some useful tips in this regard.

  • Post quality, unique, informative, useful and entertainment contents.  Your social media contents must be unique; quality focused and should either be practically helpful or very entertaining.

  • Most viral contents make the appeal within the very first few seconds of interaction.

  • Give your contents the push of initial reactions and engagement from a lot of loyal users.

  • Give users some motivation to spread your post by abstaining from posting anything abusing for others.

  • Give strong Call to Action within and at the end of the content to allow


Another proven and time-tested a way to turn your users into self-initiated marketers is to get social influencers on your side. Influencers particularly play a more significant role in boosting acquisition. People before downloading an app like to hear something about the app from someone he can trust. That is why recommendations by trustworthy and influential persons on social media quickly lead to a large number of downloads.

  • Getting good influencers with a large and faithful audience is crucial for spreading the app.

  • Instead of looking for very famous influencers, opt for moderate ones with a consistent audience.

  • Engage influencers who matter in making people know about your app.

  • For app marketers, a recommendation or a positive comment from a well-known influencer can turn things around.

  • Engage in frequent conversations to spread the message.

  • Send your app link to well-known Youtubers, influential Facebook publishers on technology.


 Do you know, on social media most popular brands are those who never miss a chance to feature users in their contents? Well, by allowing user comments, user videos, user images and other user-generated contents you can add to the appeal of your content and help it go viral. To utilise user-generated contents app marketers can consider the following tips.  

  • Encourage users to share their user experience in every possible way.

  • You can incentivise user-generated videos or visuals featuring your app.

  • You can conduct opinion polls within your audience regarding the app.

  • Encourage your loyal or old users to share their experience with text, video or images.

  • You can also link user-generated contents with the loyalty programs or some promotional schemes.  


Finally, the messaging apps are the new social channels that can quickly make or break a brand reputation in lighting speed. Whatsapp, Messenger, Google Chat, Snapchat and there are quite a few channels through which the marketers can send rich messages with app links, videos, images and other contents to target users. 

  • Create large messaging groups with a focus on generating quality contents and meaningful conversations.

  • When sharing contents on messaging channels, never forget to give your current message an interactive twist and avoid sending automated, copy-pasted messages.

  • Try to bring onboard a few influencers with a large number of followers.  


Turning your users into app marketers on social media requires continuous engagement and efforts. It may sound difficult, but with the above-mentioned practices over the time an app can find many users taking initiatives to spread the marketing message.