12 Tips for Writing Brand Content for Social Media

Writing Brand Content for Social Media

Millions of people spend time every day on social networks. They use them to have fun and chat. For an entrepreneur, a social network is an effective advertising platform, which is at least short-sighted to be neglected. Presence in social networks helps to better know your target audience and build strong relationships with customers.

Content marketing is the best way to get tons of traffic to your websites or sales pages for free. Content includes information in any form that you convey to your audience. It may be:

  • a blog with great business-related articles;

  • public and social media groups;

  • audio podcasts;

  • videos.

These things are very different from each other, but there is one big similarity. All this content is based on the text! Read about powerful tool- storytelling here. We have prepared for you some effective tips with the help of which your content will be truly effective!

1. Capture the Attention of Your Readers from the First Seconds

Every day a huge amount of information falls out on users of social networks, which no one can fully digest. Attract attention with a suitable picture or photo. Add a text with a catchy title or the main idea of the post right on the photo. Then the image will become more noticeable.

2. Use Infographics for Visualization

You must admit that a “dry” text is often not interesting to readers. If this is some kind of practical guide or really useful recommendations, then the content will be in demand, but any other type of material will be boring. Infographics are a great way to make publishing more vivid, attractive and easy to read.

3. Find your Text Style, but Stay Yourself

Do you like reading “soulless” articles? These are materials that are written only for the search engines or in general, to fill a place in the blog.

Your task is to make the lyrics “alive”. To do this, imagine that in front of you is sitting the person to whom you are telling the topic of the material.

4. Trust but Check!

Make it a habit to always check your texts, even if you are confident in your writing skills. On the Internet, there are many services that will help you with this. You can use such tools as Studicus, Grabmyessay, Readability Test Tool or After The Deadline.

5. Can't Write Without Mistakes? It's Not a Problem!

Today, the Internet is full of various services that may be useful for you to write good content. If you have any text creation, feel free to use the following sites:

  • Wowgrade - this online service will show how to write content. You can ask here for help in writing absolutely any text and at any time of the day.

  • Grammarly - in this application, you can improve the flaws of your text. In online mode and free access, you can check your text for errors and change them.

  • Hemingway - with this tool, you can easily avoid mistakes with your text. The tool will show long sentences and mistakes that make your text difficult for the reader. So if you have doubts about the quality of your text, use the application and make it perfect.

6. Motivate Readers to Share Their Opinions

Post a controversial proposition or question at the end of the post so that people want to speak. This will kill two birds with one stone:

  • Audience involvement will increase;

  • The post will be seen by more users who have a smart tape configured because the algorithms for issuing news give priority to posts with comments.

7. Create Separate Posts for Different Target Audiences

Even if both young guys and older women can use your product or service, they need a different approach. If you prepare one post for all, then most likely the benefits of it will be small. It is better to write effective advertising text for each segment of the target audience and set up targeted advertising.

8. Use the Hashtags

Hashtags, when writing posts for social networks will increase brand awareness and help to increase the audience.

In most cases, 2-3 hashtags in one publication will suffice. You can fit more, but do not get carried away. A large number of hashtags will distract the reader’s attention. Many bloggers and companies come up with branded hashtags, which are practically brand slogans in social networks. You can create your one and motivate your customers to use them.

9. Do Not Forget to Insert Links

With the help of links, you can attract organic traffic to your site. Too long links spoil the appearance of the post and take up a lot of space in the visible part of the message where useful information could be located. To improve the advertising text, use a special service that converts long links into short.

Follow the rule “one post - one link”, otherwise the reader will be confused.

Another way of getting in search engines’ good books is through internal links. Internal links are those who lead the users to content within the same domain. In this way, you’ll enhance the connection between your posts and show Google that your content offers real value. The content with the most value will be the one which connects different posts within the main one. Not to mention that this will help you drive traffic to your other posts.

10. Write Not to Write but to Inspire

Your content should not be created for that reason that it is simply needed. But it should inspire readers with your brand. Readers should be your one-on-one! Write content in such a way as to convince readers that your brand is an integral part of their daily life!

“A content writer’s focus must be on crafting the most amazing pieces ever – pieces that will engage, entertain, and/or inspire their readers so much that they have to share it” – explains Head of Content at TrustMyPaper, Marie Fincher.

11. Follow the 6 Golden Rules!

  • Compliance with the minimum number of words. It is worth noting that users do not like to read very long posts. Therefore, the ideal post will be one that will be informative and will not take more than 5 minutes to read. Longreads are more suitable for blogs but in social media, shortness is the key to success.

  • Use only reliable information! Do not lie about your brand for sale. The buyer should not read about one thing, but in the end, get completely different. The deceived user will not be silent and as a result, you will get a wave of negative reviews. It is better to focus on the benefits of the brand, rather than write false information!

  • Avoid “water” in your content. Try to exclude all hackneyed phrases that do not carry any semantic load. Remember that in spite of brevity, the text should be quite informative.

  • Respect your audience. Your task is to make your content fit your title, and the users should get the solutions they were promised to get at the beginning of your text.

  • Keep it simple to communicate. Easy perceive any criticism. You should not vehemently justify your brand or your rightness in the comments. You must respect your subscribers and communicate with them in a friendly way.

  • One text is one thought. This is very important, make sure to follow this approach. It is not necessary for the same text to go into different thoughts. If you want to consider a lot of ideas, it is better to divide them into separate texts.

Note: Write basic thoughts on paper. In the process of writing, you may have cool thoughts and ideas, especially when you just start to develop your writing skills. When you have this very flow of ideas, quickly take a paper and a pen, and write down everything that comes to mind on a given topic. If there are no pens and paper, then use notes on your smartphone. Choose the tool you are used to.

12. Get Inspiration from the Best!

Here are three reasons why you need to read a lot of different sources:

  • Expansion of vocabulary.

  • Forming the habit of writing correctly.

  • Expanded thinking.

Be careful when reading fiction. Such books often use complex speech patterns, which you should preferably avoid. Although it all depends on the type of your brand. If you want to quickly learn to read concisely and in the case, read the business literature. In such books, texts are always simplified, concise, and understandable.

Read and analyze various blogs. Emphasize interesting moments for yourself and apply this to your content. Or simply take inspiration, because sometimes it is so lacking.

These tips are enough for you to eventually learn how to generate powerful content on any topic and promote your brand. You can get more out of advertising, make friends with potential customers and turn your community into an asset that makes a profit. So do not waste time and quickly implement them!


About the Author

Diana Adjadj is a writer and editor for sites like SupremeDissertations and BestEssayEducation. She has a real passion for writing and interest for research. Being inspired by traveling and meeting new people, Diana creates content that will make you think about different things.