"The Boss"/Office Zen Master

Abraham “The Boss” Reimherr is our resident Zen Master. He brings 13 years of management experience to the team. Our voice of reason and motivator, he helps us keep everything in perspective, and balanced. He is a daily reminder of what is important, and has even set up a bi-weekly yoga class for our team. At Magnificent, we give 10% of our yearly profits to  Emancipet, an animal welfare organization Abraham holds dear to his heart. Because like he always asks, "What's the point of making money if you don't do anything worthwhile with it?"



David brings 20 years of sales, marketing, strategy & branding experience to the table.  He has a strong belief that there is no one right way to do things. He realizes that a mixture of tried and true marketing techniques combined with the latest and greatest marketing tools and strategies will result in the most effective and greatest results.

David will be the point person to put your marketing plan and strategies in place to be executed by The Magnificent Team. 


Marketing Director

A bit of creative mixed with loads of development, throw in 17 years of publishing experience and team leadership and you get Steve.  

Steve will oversee the setup and implementation of your strategy. He will maintain a close relationship with your objectives to ensure goals are met. He may be the guy behind the scenes, but he is always willing to pull back the curtain and dive into the strategy with you. 


Senior Brand Strategist

With Dan's six years of training he specializes in advertising design. He uses a combination of a brand-led and a design-led approach to help clients develop digital marketing tactics that will increase public engagement.

Dan will be your right hand man for managing your advertising and enhancing your brand. He will be your main point of contact during your magnificent marketing experience. 


Client Support Manager

Skill in organization and visual standards come from Erin’s background in customer experience management. Her patience comes from hours of pug herding.

Erin will manage your content schedule and direct mail initiatives. She will communicate analytics and updates with your team routinely. She is here to support your goals with detailed organization and love for getting results.


Emily Jones

Interactive Director

When Emily isn't busy cooking vegetarian meals, gardening, or camping around Austin, Texas she is turning client products into accessible and engaging content.

She is well versed in photography, animation, video production, and
hand-crafted birthday cards.