Below is a quick worksheet for you to fill out so that we can narrow down your audience and produce quality engagement for your business.

Company Information
What do you do, who do you help, and why should they care?
The more detail you can give here the better. If you have this on your website or in internal documents, please feel free to copy + paste it here or link us to the necessary resources. This information helps us craft one of the psychological triggers in our email copy - the “why” - which helps clients connect to your organization on an emotional level beyond what you do. In our testing, we’ve found that email sequences that include this type of story outperform those without on all key metrics.
In order of preference, 1-10, who are some of your competitors? We use them to mimic their audiences.
Customer success stats: Examples - Does your solution provide a savings over alternatives? If so, how much? Does your solution save time? Increase revenue? Increase productivity? Etc A mix of stats, from the broad (X savings in a category over the year) to the specific (increase average deal size by X) is helpful. Industry stats: Examples - Average cost of ____ is X, we can do it for Y (This type of comparison works best if you are comparing similar but different solutions. Example: Hiring 3 Business Development Reps vs. using Linked Strategies) Companies waste X amount on this per year Employee turnover costs organizations $/yr X% of projects go over budget And an easy one… Your company stats: How many customers Years in business Etc.
What hurdles do we have to overcome to get the business?
Please include at least 3 (if possible). If you have a testimonials page where we can find this information, please link below.
Please include links below...
Audience Information
In order of preference, 1-10, where does your target market live?
Age Range
What is the age range of your target market? (Select all that apply)
What is the gender of your target market?
Income Level
What type of income does your target market have? (select all that apply)
In order of preference, 1-10, what are some job titles of your target market?
In order of preference, 1-10, what are some interests that your target market has?
What does your target market purchase?
In order of preference, 1-10, what type of business is your target market in?
Size of Company
How big are the companies you want to target?
Provide any extra information about your target market that we might not have touched on.