Magnificent Syndication - the #1 PDF Converter 

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  • SEO tools to attract more readers

 We do the heavy lifting: No need to copy and paste or track down old images. Keep your files and posts organized in one simple dashboard.



Do you have loads of high quality content stuck in PDFs? With the Magnificent Syndication plugin, you can connect your Wordpress website directly to the Magnificent PDF Converter. Those PDFs can now be transformed into powerful indexable content published directly to your website.



In the Magnificent Syndication plugin, we will run you through a checklist of important SEO elements for you to optimize in your content. In addition, we provide a helpful tips on how to get the most out of every piece of content.



By installing Magnificent Syndication on to your Wordpress website, not only do you have access to publish all of your converted PDFs, but you also have one-click access to our content syndication network. Publish your content to Medium, Facebook Instant Articles, LinkedIn Pulse, and more...