To add more functionality that will help collect data and build targeted marketing lists.  We will also be adding a blogging component that will be responsive in nature so they will view correctly on all platforms (i.e. laptops, tablets, mobile).


Set Up

  • Add pixels to your website and landing pages to build custom audiences, which we will market to and retarget.
  • Set up a landing page designed to capture subscribers for your weekly newsletter.
  • Set up a landing page designed to capture catering requests.
  • Add a pop-up window for either/both newsletter registration and/or event purchases and catering requests.
  • Set up the Google Search Console to make sure all is correctly in line so Google will crawl your site so that you can rank better on the search engines.


  • Continually collect email addresses to build your email marketing.
  • Continue to collect information regarding visitors to your site, which we will add to a specified marketing list.