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Prepared for: Twin Doctors | Prepared by: Magnificent Marketing LLC | September 26, 2017

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Our objective will be to help you increase the visibility of the Twin Doctors' brand and position you all as thought leaders in women's health as well as build an engaged audience within this space.  

In order to achieve our objectives, we will looking to move forward with an SEO and content marketing plan utilizing the helpful, fun and educational content you all will be providing. We will also look to build an audience around the podcast we will be creating as well as a private Facebook Group.  The idea is to consistently push out this content to your target audience (we will nail this down in greater detail as we get going) in order to create trust and awareness of your brand and position you as The thought leader in your space.  All the while, we will be applying SEO best practices in order to help you climb the organic search results pages for the terms we both identify will bring you business/traffic and right now, the plan will be to concentrate on endometriosis as this appears to be the lowest hanging fruit to get our foot in the door and will expand to other health issues with women as we get rolling.  It does need to be pointed out that both of these methods are long term plans (i.e. need to plan on investing in at least one year) but once everything takes form, you will be positioned very nicely in your space and in the organic rankings as well as with the engaged audience we will be building together (this is the key).

In addition to pushing out the helpful and education info you will be providing, we will incorporate direct call to action ads to the audiences that will be created from the traffic driven by the content.  We believe in putting a heavy emphasis on the content, but the best people to spend ad dollars on for promotional ads will be the ones who have some familiarity with your brand and company and these will be the audiences we re-market to.  We will discuss any specific calls to action that you would like to have in greater detail and it might be best for us to hold off on asking for any sales until we are deeper into the audience building which will be our largest focus area.  The idea is to have full concentration on serving you audience, and from there, you can monetize it.

The specific plan will be to have you and your brother team up with my wife for a weekly podcast.  We will then take the podcasts and write out a summary of each one that will be posted to your blog (great for SEO purposes and also, some people like to consume content by reading it vs. watching or listening).  You will also be providing videos 2/mth which we will again listen to and write out a summary which will be posted to your blog.  You and your brother will also turn in 2 longer form written pieces of content each month and we will also be laying these out on your blog. We will work with you and your team to identify the topics we should be speaking on and it needs to be pointed out that we must keep our audience in mind when deciding on the content topics.  We have to speak to their true needs, wants and questions in order to develop the trust and engagement we are shooting for (i.e. We will want to have some higher level scientific-esque content, but the majority needs to speak directly to the audience in terms and ways they will understand).  And as previously mentioned, we will be laying out each post on your site with nice graphics as well as apply SEO best practices to each post on-site.  We will then target this content via social ads to your target audience as well as create a weekly e-blast to further the reach of the content.

Before we get going, we will also be looking to at your site and will make sure it is fully SEO optimized for our goals.  We will also be doing blogger and publisher out-reach in order to get your blogs and podcast picked up which will lead to back links which greatly help with SEO growth.

 We will also consult with you on some social action items we will need you all to be involved with. We would like to have you and your brother engage with your audience (i.e. a weekly one-hour "Ask Us Anything" chat and eventually get into Facebook Live etc...) in addition to spending time responding and engaging with your audience as they start to engage with us.  Again, and I am going to sound like a broken record here, but we must have our full concentration be on growing your audience and then being really helpful and available to them.  And in addition to the original content we will be posting to your social pages, we will also keep your pages fresh by adding in applicable aggregate content (i.e. not your own content) that will be on topic and will be a combination of educational and fun content. 

Our mission and end goal is to accomplish our/your goals while also saving you time so you can focus on growing and scaling your company and brand.

We blend old school and new school marketing to create the best school of thought!





To utilize the 2/mth long form written content and videos you all will be providing as well as the podcasts we will be recording and scribe and lay out each post on your site.   We will plan on applying semantic writing for SEO purposes as well as tagging and inter-linking everything appropriately. 


  • ORGANIZE & SET UP We set up the schedule for your postings through an editorial calendar to help manage your ideas and posts.
  • BRAINSTORM We will get with you and your team to brainstorm initial topics that will be of supreme interest to your target audience.  We will also but utilizing other areas of information (such as the keyword report) to help get us zeroed in on our editorial topics.


  • LINK Properly inter-link each post pointing to other helpful resources on your site. 
  • OPTIMIZE Tag posts with keywords to help with search (SEO) (ie. keyword/search engine strategy).
  • RESEARCH Provide on-going content ideas for you if needed based on what people are searching for on-line.



To set you up for long term success through the foundations of SEO. 


  • KEYWORD ANALYSIS Identify optimal keywords for each web page and content piece.
  • SITE STRUCTURE Add all tracking pixels, internal site linking, basic site design, navigation and calls to action.
  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT Set up an editorial calendar with the goal to plan, create, manage and publish content consistently (Content and SEO go hand in hand).
  • ONSITE CLEANUP Uncover crawl errors, missing page elements, broken links and any new issues. Click here to view your onsite analysis.





To utilize your social media platforms (Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - Instagram) to post your content and garner organic and free reach by keeping these pages fresh with this content in addition to aggregate content we will be identifying. We will also look to have you all get involved here with tagging and sharing with people you know, commenting to people, doing a weekly "Ask Us Anything" etc... 


  • AGGREGATE CONTENT Post fun, relevant and helpful content in addition to the original content we will be creating together.
  • SOCIAL PROMOTIONS From promoting your content, to your offers etc... we will consistently post and tag content throughout your social channels.
  • TAG AND SHARE Connect with followers by tagging and mentioning them in an 'evergreen post' to encourage shares and interactions.


  • SOCIAL CALENDAR We set up a social calendar to create visible and a consistent schedule to manage social promotions.
  • CONTENT CREATORS Our team of experienced content creators craft engaging posts and community highlights to ensure maximum exposure.



To create a weekly eye-catching email to send to your subscriber base and the lists you currently have (we will continue to add & grow this list) which will include the high level content we are creating along with a section highlighting how to utilize your services (or whatever offer you would like to extend and this will be talked out in greater detail). 


  • PLAN Create and send a weekly email utilizing the content as well as any special offers. We will look for ways to further nurture subscribers and boost conversions.
  • MANAGE We will oversee the production, testing and iterations of future emails.
  • ITERATE We will continue to make tweaks with the content, design, and CTAs with frequent reviews of the results to ensure goals are being met.


  • CAMPAIGN CALENDAR Content is managed through a clear and visable calendar to ensure fresh content is delivered each and every send.
  • A/B TESTING From subject lines to calls to action to timing, all emails are reviewed and tested to find the right formula and continuous adjustments will be applied.
  • EMAIL BEST PRACTICES By putting the user first, we are able to improve results. This includes maintaining a clean database, well-structured design, and providing relevant and timely content.


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Set Up - $2,100 / one time cost

On Going - $5,400 / mthly

Ad Spend (suggested) - $1,000 / mth for starters