To use Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns promoting your lead magnet content (white-paper, e-book etc...) to encourage sign ups for your daily email newsletter.



  • Set up the advertising profiles for each social platforms in order to run paid advertising campaigns (Facebook – Twitter).
  • Create tracking pixels for your website and landing pages to track campaign success and build custom audiences that we will be marketing & re-targeting to.
  • Utilize the non-subscriber emails you have to create a custom audience for those that we will market to.


  • Target your campaigns to audiences that are most-likely interested in your content as well as to the custom audiences we will be creating for you.
  • Manage the cost per click (CPC) or cost per view (CPM) to ensure the best performance at the lowest rate. 
  • Track and measure results for continuous improvement. Results will be delivered to you via a monthly report.
  • We will take advantage of re-targeting campaigns that track your subscribers and website visitors. This tactic is an excellent way to help potential clients rediscover your business and your content.