To use social media advertising (primarily Facebook for starters) to encourage purchases/downloads of your video game. We will be creating various audiences to target and market to and will be monitoring and adjusting these as we move forward to make sure the ad dollars are being spent as optimally as possible. We will also only be marketing to iPhone users until otherwise notified.


Set Up

  • Gain access to the Edo Superstar Facebook page and set up the advertising account (if not set up already).
  • Creating tracking pixels for your website and landing pages to track campaign success and build custom audiences that we will be marketing & re-targeting to.
  • Create various audiences based on parameters to be discussed in greater detail.


  • Target your campaigns to audiences that are most-likely interested in your video game as well as to the custom audiences we will be creating for you.
  • Manage the cost per click (CPC) or cost per view (CPM) to ensure the best performance at the lowest rate.  Our ultimate metric though will be cost per conversion/download.
  • Track and measure results for continuous improvement. Results will be delivered to you via a weekly or monthly report.
  • We will take advantage of re-targeting campaigns that track your subscribers and website visitors. This tactic is an excellent way to help potential clients rediscover your business and your content.