Prepared for: Veras| Prepared by: Magnificent Marketing LLC | March 5, 2018




Our objective will be to help you increase the visibility and awareness of Veras brand and drive sales for your senior companionship and accountability services.  

In order to achieve our objectives, we will be looking to move forward with an integrated plan consisting of content marketing, social media advertising, social media marketing, email marketing and an SEO tie-in for long term positioning. We also will eventually want to talk about a media outreach tie-in down the road but this will not be part of the initial roll-out.

We will be utilizing the fun, inspirational, educational and helpful content that we will together be creating and providing. The idea is to consistently push out this content to your target audience in order to create trust and awareness of your brand and position you as THE thought leader in your space and a trusted source for senior caring. We will nail down your target audience in greater and exact detail as we get going but initially understand the target to be 40-65 year old children as well the senior audience we would also like to be speaking directly to. The content that will be produced will need to be super helpful to your audiences and we must obsess over them in order to garner the most success of this plan.

To explain our specific distribution methodology and strategy, what we do is tag each post and page on your site as either "Awareness", "Consideration" or "Buying" and will decide on a certain threshold for each stage (i.e. they have viewed 1 or 3 or 5 or 7 Awareness pages etc...) until we graduate them to the next stage of content they will be served. By doing things this way, we are able to socially serve the correct content at the correct stage of the buying journey your potential customers are at. And once a potential customer has graduated from being shown Awareness and Consideration posts, we will then follow up with call to action ads.  

In addition to pushing out the helpful, fun and inspirational content thru your social channels, we will be heavy on running direct call to action ads to the audiences that are developed thru the content marketing efforts. We believe in putting a heavy emphasis on the content, but we also want to be heavy on driving revenue thru direct purchases. The best people to spend ad dollars on for promotional ads will be the ones who have some familiarity with your brand and these will be the audiences we re-market to the heaviest. The "asks" will be for direct sales of your products, your free trials and e-mail sign-ups (will need to discuss a value prop here). 

The specific plan for the amount of content being produced will be to have our team provide one 500-1,000 word blog post each week with you providing one longer form piece of content each month (1,500 - 3,000+ words). Some of the longer form content you produce will be turned into e-books and others will be posted as blogs. 

We would like your longer form content to ideally focus around the studies you are conducting and we will focus more around general topics such as:

  • How Exercise and Wellness Coaches Increases Mental Stimulation for Senior Citizens
  • How Ordering Groceries For the Elderly Helps Combat Loneliness
  • Top 10 Reasons You Should Consider Companion Care for A Parent
  • Top Reasons Elderly Fall Into Depression & How to Combat These Signs
  • How Loneliness Can Lead to Dementia: How to Help Your Parent Today
  • Talking about Mental Health with Your Parent’s Generation
  • Is Your Parent Lonely? Top 5 Signs To Look Out For
  • How a Virtual Companion Can Help Combat Elderly Loneliness
  • How To Keep A Senior Citizen at Home and Provide Companion Care
  • Top House Safety Tips for A Senior Living Alone

The programs Veras offer are great starting points to develop in depth conversations on the benefit of how these activities help keep seniors engaged and part of a lively daily function, while maintaining a life in their own home.

We will not only be using this content for our social plans, but we will also be utilizing this content for the monthly e-blast as well as for the automation programs that will kick in after e-books/lead magnets such as quizzes and polls are downloaded and taken. We will work together to organize and maintain the content plan as well as identify the topics we should be speaking on and it needs to be pointed out again that we must keep our audience in mind when deciding on the content. We have to speak to their true needs, wants, pains, questions and to their heart in order to develop the trust and engagement we are shooting for. 

Social media management will also be handled for you as we keep your social pages fresh with the content we are producing as well as look to aggregate content from other sites and publishers that you trust. We will also be adding a heavy dose of creative content on our end (moving gifs, short videos, infographics, interactive posts etc...).  The platforms we will be concentrating on will be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube.  Some other ideas we initially have are to execute Facebook group outreaches where we attempt to build relationships with publishers/sites that already have a senior audience and ask them if it will be okay to share the helpful, educational and inspirational content we will be producing.  We also need to talk about affiliate programs (i.e. These people get an on-going commission by offering your services) as these could result in larger amounts of sales for each relationship made.

Website: We have some suggestions for your site that we would like to incorporate.  For starters, we need your story.  Why did this company start? What is your unique value prop or differentiator?

Additional suggested website adjustments:

  • Add testimonials from clients (children of seniors who purchases product for their parent/grandparent) and seniors themselves.
  • The data snapshots showing the increased risks in health are great facts to have on the main page the site to show awareness of combating loneliness early on. Let’s use more snapshots like this on the site.

SEO: We have identified a strategic play with SEO/organic and will take care of the items on your site we identified that needed clean up and to also make sure your site is fully SEO optimized for our/your goals. Attached is a report that shows you the areas that we want to rank you for that we believe will drive you business.  This is a longer term play but having this in mind now, will result in sustained success down the road.

Below are a few specific keywords that have low difficulty and high search ranking opportunity that we have identified and wanted to point out:

  • Older adults
  • Exercise for older adults
  • Senior companion
  • Lonely seniors
  • Elderly companion services
  • Senior loneliness solutions
  • Loneliness in seniors

For email marketing, we suggest a monthly e-blast for starters that will consist of the content that will be provided in addition to a deal/offer/contest/giveaway/survey of the month. In addition to a recap of blogs for the month and e-books previously created, we will want to engage our clients by implementing surveys to make sure their questions/recommendations are being considered regularly. These questions can help identify talking points for future blog posts.

We will also assist you with the email flow after a new client is secured where we will set up a series of emails that start with a 'Thank You' email & then followed up with an explanation for how everything will work etc... We will outline the exact flow and contents of this email sequence as we get going but will be looking to rely on your for some of the copywriting of these emails as you will have the most intimate knowledge here.  As touched on above, we also want to create some email automation programs once trials are signed up for or e-books are downloaded or quizzes/polls taken etc... Each automation will have their own objectives based on what action was previously taken.

Reputation management is also a key component to building a brand and we will also assist you in gathering up reviews.  The plan will be to identify your happiest customers and send them an email asking for a review on either your Google page or your Facebook page. We will connect and set everything up and then execute as we go.  Initially, we do need at least a few testimonials and will talk this out with you to see how we can acquire these.

Our initial goal will be to capture 100 new clients within the first 3-6 months.  Overall, our goal will be to continue to increase awareness of your brand, position you as a thought leader in the senior care space, and continue to increase your overall sales numbers at a clip that makes this investment well worth the cost so you can focus on growing and scaling your company.

We blend old school and new school marketing to create the best school of thought!





To utilize the content we are creating for each stage of the buying cycle. We tag each post and page on your site as either "Awareness", "Consideration" or "Buying" and will decide on a certain threshold for each stage (i.e. they have viewed 1 or 3 or 5 or 7 Awareness pages etc...) until we graduate them to the next stage of content they will be served.


  • ORGANIZE & SET UP We set up the schedule for your content through an editorial calendar to help manage your ideas and posts.
  • TAGGING We will audit your site and appropriately tag each page as either "Awareness", "Consideration" or "Buying".


  • LINK Properly inter-link each post pointing to other helpful resources on your site. 
  • OPTIMIZE Tag posts with keywords to help with search (SEO) (ie. keyword/search engine strategy).
  • RESEARCH Provide on-going content ideas for you if needed based on what people are searching for on-line.



To create eye-catching monthly emails to be sent to to your list to inform, educate, entertain and keep them engaged.  We also plan to incorporate some automated email programs.


  • PLAN Create an eye-catching email utilizing the content that we are producing.
  • MANAGE We will oversee the production, testing and iterations of the monthly emails.
  • ITERATE We will continue to make tweaks with frequent reviews of the results to ensure goals are being met.


  • CAMPAIGN CALENDAR Content is managed through a clear and visible calendar to ensure fresh content is delivered each and every send.
  • A/B TESTING From subject lines to calls to action to timing, all emails are reviewed and tested to find the right formula and continuous adjustments will be applied.
  • EMAIL BEST PRACTICES By putting the user first, we are able to improve results. This includes maintaining a clean database, well-structured design, and providing relevant and timely content.



To utilize your social media platforms (Facebook - Twitter - Instagram) to post your content and garner organic and free reach by keeping your pages fresh in addition to aggregate content we will be coming up with. We will also look to achieve our goals here by collaborating Facebook groups to get a good push right away for each post. We will also look to have your team also get involved here with tagging and sharing with people you know, commenting to people you know etc... 


  • AGGREGATE CONTENT Post relevant and helpful content to connect with your followers.
  • SOCIAL PROMOTIONS From promoting your content, to your offers etc... we will consistently post and tag content throughout your social channels.
  • TAG AND SHARE Connect with followers by tagging and mentioning them in your community promotions to encourage shares and interactions.


  • SOCIAL CALENDAR We set up a social calendar to create visible and a consistent schedule to manage social promotions.
  • CONTENT CREATORS Our team of experienced content creators craft engaging posts and community highlights to ensure maximum exposure.
  •  INTERACTIVE CONTENT We will develop 1-3 additional and bigger interactive pieces per year that we can post and promote on an ongoing basis.



To set you up for long term success through the foundations of SEO.  We will run a keyword report identifying the areas/keywords/phrases that will be most beneficial for you all. When people are looking for advice or guidance on recovery, we want you to show up at the top of these organic searches. To reiterate, this is a long term plan and can take up to 12-18 months to take form, but it is of paramount importance to your long term goals to be ranking highly in the search engines.


  • KEYWORD ANALYSIS Identify optimal keywords for each web page and content piece.
  • SITE STRUCTURE Add all tracking pixels, internal site linking, basic site design, navigation and calls to action.
  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT Set up an editorial calendar with the goal to plan, create, manage and publish content consistently (Content and SEO go hand in hand).
  • ONSITE CLEANUP Uncover crawl errors, missing page elements, broken links and any new issues. 





To develop multi-vertical, persuasive messaging that:

  • Entices earned media coverage around Veras
  • Garners news media coverage 
  • Sells Infinite Recovery to key communities as the most complete, and accessible resource


  • CONSULT Consult on development of targeted media lists and news media relationship building.
  • TARGET Identify strategic trending petitions and develop tailored scripts and pitches for targeted news media.



Day 1 - Strategic Messaging and Media communications training
We meet with key members of the client's team to understand how the news media works and how to leverage that knowledge for promotion of the business.  We work together to identify and develop core vertical messages needed to communicate to news media specifically. These include themes and pitches tailored to TV, radio, print and online media. 
We create position statements with supportive messages and then strategic approaches to communicating with all vertical audiences — the news media, current customers, potential customers and the general public. This training provides the insight and understanding a business needs in order to fulfill its customer, public and community relations strategy. 
First, we teach the client how the news media works, from the inside. We pull back the curtain on how editorial decisions are made and how our client can leverage the news media based upon this inside knowledge. We reveal:

  • What key themes get the news media excited about a story?
  • How do we become the news media’s best friend? Helping them understand how important we are to them.
  • How do we deliver for them every time they need us (and we need them)?

Then, we develop the necessary multi-vertical, persuasive messaging.  These include the Tell message and the Sell message.  We develop messaging specifically for the news media.  This messaging:

  • Develops the client as an expert and thought-leader in their space.
  • Gets the news media generally interested in and excited about the client.
  • Sells the client to the news media in key demographic communities.
  • Delivers what the news media needs every time and controls what the client can.

Vertical 2 is the “SELL” message. We develop the persuasive messaging we use once we have news media interest. We teach how pivot, using the megaphone provided by the news media to reach the client's current and potential customers and/or the general public. This message is related but quite different from the messages we use to gain media attention. We are now talking directly to our customers.

  • We consult on the development of targeted media lists and news media relationship building.
  • We identify strategic trending news stories related to the client’s business.
  • We develop tailored scripts and pitches for targeted news media. 
  • We want our client involved in any trending stories related to their business.
  • We also consult and advise making sure the messaging is consistently reflected on the website and in social media strategy.

Day 2 - Media Performance Training (immediately following the above)
We consult with our clients to identify the 2 or 3 internal spokespeople who will represent the company. Note, these are internal employees, generally the CEO, COO, CMO or others with particular skills. There is strategy behind who we choose. Our goal is to develop media savvy superstars that the news media (and potential customers) love.

This is generally a day-long training (dependent on the number of spokespeople attending) that focuses on how to engage the customer audience (both through media and in-person) using preparation, relaxation, visual aids, performance technique and message consistency. We examine the goals of the journalist and we teach how to pivot away from the negative and irrelevant issues, focusing instead on the messages we identified that must be delivered to potential customers or the public.

We use the messaging we identified on Day 1, video examples, on site video recording (camera, lights, microphones included) and real-time interviewing and coaching to develop next level presentation skills that the spokespeople can easily reflect on and in the news.


IN THE NEWS (7).png





$5,050 / one time set up

$4,500 / mth on going


* Suggested Ad Spend: $1K/mth to start
then ramp up to $2k-$3k/mth