Understanding Your Recommended Keyword List: A Brief Guide


Keywords are the cornerstone of effective content and online campaigns for your products, website or services. We are continually refining the internal tools and training we put together to give you the best results possible. Our Content Strategists manually put a recommended keyword list together using the best keywords according to relevancy to your site + niche and best potential keyword factors. 


Tools we use: Paid subscriptions to SEMRush, KWFinder, BuzzSumo, and the human eye of our Content Strategist.


Since we believe that quality content does not focus on keywords only, our keyword strategy includes two reports: a fundamental keyword research report, and a topic research report, in one Excel. The first gives you in-depth keyword analyses, the second actual keyword-optimized topics you can start creating blogs with.


I. Recommended Keyword List Report: Your TOP 10+ Keywords are in green highlighting. Total keyword opportunities are listed within the additional tabs at the bottom of the sheet (only for content planning packages).



  • Volume is the average number of searches for the keyword across 1 month. Remember, less searches for a very close /relatable keyword could mean more clients, while more searches for a broader keyword could be less conversions. So low volume isn't necessarily bad.
  • CPC. Cost per click, sometimes called commercial intent; this is the measurement of how valuable a keyword is, in costs-per-click.
  • Competition. This number is scaled from 0 to 100, and represents the number of optimized pages published on the Internet for each keyword. The higher this number, the more competing pages there are.
  • (Not listed, but one of our factors: Diff, or Difficulty. A number from 1-100 designating best to worst keywords based on many factors that make up a good keyword. This helps us find the keywords with best SEO potential for you.)


II. Topic Research Report: If you’ve ordered a package that includes topic research, you’ll receive an Excel where our Strategists have put together one tab with up to 10 blog or article topics optimized with the defined keyword.


III. BuzzSumo Content Analysis Report. We will deliver a BuzzSumo Content Analysis report on your top keywords.


Please contact our staff for further explanation if necessary, and learn how we can help you reach your goals with a solid content strategy.

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