To work with you to create a series of emails that will follow the series of promotional gifts that will be mailed out.  These e-mails will need to also include helpful information that will be useful to this audience and for their jobs.  Within these emails (on the "p.s.") will be some soft calls-to-action with your paid offerings with the last couple e-mails including stronger and more prominent calls-to-actions.  It is our understanding that your team will be creating the automations with your current platform but we will work with you on the content and strategy of these emails.  And if possible, we would love to work in personalized videos and this will depend on if this is something your team will be able to produce.  It is not paramount to success, but it would be a great touch.


Set Up

  • Work with you and your team to develop the overall plan and the content of the emails.


  • Once the first set of automations are completed we will analyze the response and work on setting up the next sequence and adjust according to the metrics/data/results.