To utilize marketing automation to create a series of automated sales/prospecting emails to potential clients (via your current lists + the lists we will be building for you) to encourage conversations about your software.  We will deliver these leads or conversations directly to you so you can begin to dialogue with a potential client.


Set Up

  • Work with you to build an automated email program (series of 4 scripts/emails) that fit your goals and meet your objectives.
  • Set up the tracking measures on your website to enable us to discover which potential clients are digging around your website but have not yet responded.  These lists will be provided to you so that you can call on them directly.


  • Add new emails collected to the marketing automated programs we set up.
  • Manage and oversee the automated programs to make sure all is running smoothly.
  • Send over the reports of the engaged prospects who have not yet responded on an on-going basis.