We’re your partner who will help you expand the visibility of Loctek and your ergonomic desk offerings and drive applicable and targeted traffic to your website.  We will also work on getting link backs to your website from high quality and applicable websites which will help with traffic as well as eventually help with your SEO (search) efforts over time. Our ultimate objective will be to generate leads that turn into customers for you as well as positioning you to be “top of mind” for future potential clients, for whenever they are ready to purchase your desks. 

Our mission and end goal is to accomplish this while also saving you time and making sure we bring a return on the investment you are entrusting with us.  


To achieve our objective, we use various marketing techniques and tools with the core of our marketing plan beginning with engaging content- educational, helpful, entertaining or value add. We draw from over 20 years of marketing and publishing experience and expertise.   

We blend old school and new school marketing to create the best school of thought!

In the following pages, we have customized a plan as if this were our own business.