We’re your partner who will look to expand the visibility of your accounting office as well as bring in additional leads and opportunities on an on-going and consistent basis.  We will also have an option to help position you as a thought leader (for your current and past clients as well as new prospects) in the accounting and tax space through a content marketing strategy.

Our mission and end goal is to accomplish this while also saving you time and making sure we bring a return on the investment you are entrusting with us.  


To achieve our objective, we will utilize SEM/PPC services, as well as clean up and verify your listings/citations and work with you to get reviews which will eventually help with your visibility on the search engines. We will also have an option to utilize content marketing and the content you will be creating and target and serve this helpful and educational information thru social channels and advertising. 

We blend old school and new school marketing to create the best school of thought!

In the following pages, we have customized a plan as if this were our own business.