To keep your business “top of mind” with your current and past clients on an ongoing basis. We use email as a another means of re-purposing your content as well as for any special offers and promotions.



  • Create an email template to deliver your content on a monthly basis.
  • Gather emails you currently have and segment those as needed.
  • Create a monthly e-blast schedule (proposal is for up to 5,000 emails).


  • Deliver your emails safely to subscribers using a highly rated email service that maintains a strong reputation with internet service providers.
  • This is a misunderstood aspect of email marketing. If you are not using the best platforms and following recommended guidelines, you will not reach recipients at a high level, missing opportunities, and opening yourself up to possible spam complaints.
  • Measure and test emails, giving you the best possible results on each send.
  • Execute the established weekly or monthly plan we put in place.