We will be utilizing the content you will be providing.  What we will do here is run a report of the top keywords and keyword phrases and identify the best ones to go after with the goal of eventually having you rank on the search engines for as many of these as possible over time.  We will also provide some topic ideas for you to write about with the keyword strategy in mind and set up your editorial calendar.  And as we implement the plan, we will be laying out and appropriately tagging (for SEO purposes) each piece of content on your site.


Set Up

  • Utilize our SEO tools and run reports to identify the keywords and keyword phrases that you will want to rank for.  We will also identify the opportunities where you have the best chance to rank quickly as well as the search terms to go after that will result in the best and highest traffic.
  • We will also offer up topic/article suggestions for your team to write about (or record videos) which will be strategically aligned with the keyword strategy (you can find a few initial ideas at the bottom of the proposal).
  • Schedule a brainstorming meeting with you and your team to discover other engaging content topics and ideas.
  • Create and set up the editorial calendar.


  • Layout and design each piece of content to have a professional look and post to your blog/CMS on a weekly basis (i.e. 2 pieces of content each month). 
  • Appropriately tag the posts your provide with keywords and back-end SEO items to help with search and getting found by Google and the other search engines.
  • Continuously adding to and updating the editorial calendar.
  • We will be tracking your rankings for the keywords and keyword phrases and providing you access to this report so we can all monitor the growth up the search engines (this is a longer term goal).
  • Continue to identify other search terms to go after as well as continually adding topic ideas to the editorial/content plan.