To create helpful and educational content for your target market with the goal to position you as a thought leader for people needing help with the transition from military life to societal life.  This initial plan and proposal will be for us to utilize the current content you have already created as well as have you provide weekly video tips (3/mth) in addition to any other written content to supplement what we will be working with initially.  In addition to this content, we will look to supply 1 long form piece of content per month that will be really in-depth about a particular area.  This will require our writer to do an interview with you and this will be gated content that will be used to collect e-mail addresses.  The key here though is that this piece of content will need to be in-depth and helpful enough in order to convince people that it is worth giving up their name and email for.



  • Identify ideal content (educational/value-add) that will resonate with your marketplace, and develop immediate content ideas and topics for us to use for the 1/mth long form content (1,000-2,000 words) we will be producing as well as for your use on the 3/mth content you will be producing and providing (your video tips + additional pieces of written content you will be supplying).
  • Schedule a brainstorming meeting with you and your team to discover other engaging content topics and ideas.  We will look to find out the questions you and your team have and are currently being asked so we can start to answer and address those questions thru content.
  • Set up an editorial calendar with the goal to plan, create, manage and publish your content on a weekly basis.
  • A keyword strategy will also be set up from the beginning.  We will look to identify the buying keywords or keyword phrases that you will want to rank for and our content strategy will look to have you eventually start to rank for these valuable keywords on the search engines over time (this is a longer term goal).


  • We will layout and design the pieces of content each week and post to your blog/CMS.
  • We will write one long form piece of content per month (White Paper/ How-To Guides etc... - 1,000 - 2,000 words).
  • Use our marketing tools to delve into the topics you have provided and we have discovered to continue to search for common or similar phrases that will give us good topics for future use.
  • Continuously provide ideas, specific blog titles, and promotional advertisements which will result in the highest search volumes and conversions. 
  • Tag posts with keywords to help with search (SEO) (ie. keyword/search engine strategy).
  • We will also be publishing your posts on your personal LinkedIn Page which you in turn will share with Groups you will be joining and then encourage you to engaged with any conversations and questions that start up (we will go over this in greater detail).