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Prepared for: BA Star | Prepared by: Magnificent Marketing LLC | October 5, 2017

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Our objective will be to help you increase the visibility of the BA Star brand and help to generate leads and sales for your cheer and dance make-up products.

In order to achieve our objectives, we will looking to move forward with an SEO, social media and content marketing plan utilizing the helpful, fun and educational content you will be providing.  The idea is to consistently push out this content to your target audience (we understand your main markets to be coaches and moms but will nail this down in greater detail as we get going) in order to create trust and awareness of your brand and position you as a thought leader and helpful resource in your space.  All the while, we will be applying SEO best practices in order to help you climb the organic search results pages for the terms we both identify will bring you business.  It does need to be pointed out that SEO is a long term plan (i.e. normally takes upwards of a year to start seeing strong results) but once everything takes form, you will be positioned very nicely in the organic rankings.  

In addition pushing out the helpful and education info you will be providing, we will incorporate direct call to action ads to the audiences that will be created from the traffic driven by the content.  We believe in putting a heavy emphasis on the content, but the best people to spend ad dollars on for promotional ads will be the ones who have some familiarity with your brand and company and these will be the audiences we re-market to.

The specific plan will be to have your team turn in a weekly piece of high quality and helpful content.  We will then lay out each post on your site with nice graphics as well as apply SEO best practices to each post on-site.  We will then target this content via social ads to your target audience as well as create a 1/mth e-blast to be sent out to your current customers as well as any other prospect or industry contacts/emails that you have. We can also assist in building targeted lists by scraping contacts off of LinkedIn and have itemized this option below.  

Before we get going, we will also be taking a look at your site and making sure it is fully SEO optimized and will work with your current development team to have them or us accomplish the necessary tasks.  We will also look to merge your blogging component so that it lives directly on your site.  

We will also consult with you on some social action items we will need you all to be involved with and work with you to create some evergreen organic Facebook posts (i.e. "Post Your Best Make-up Tip, Show Us How You Glitter" etc...) which will result in free organic reach which in turn will lead to greater visibility for your brand and product offerings.  There will not be a huge time investment needed for this, but getting you and your team involved socially will help tremendously (we will talk about the specifics of this again in great detail).  In addition, we will set up a portal to have you easily capture reviews and have them pointed to the places we need them in order to reap the most SEO benefit.  

Our mission and end goal is to accomplish our/your goals while also saving you time so you can focus on growing and scaling your company.

We blend old school and new school marketing to create the best school of thought!





To utilize the content that you will be writing and lay out each post on your site.   We will plan on applying semantic writing for SEO purposes as well as tagging and inter-linking everything appropriately. 


  • ORGANIZE & SET UP We set up the schedule for your postings through an editorial calendar to help manage your ideas and posts.
  • BRAINSTORM We will get with you and your team to brainstorm initial topics that will be of supreme interest to your target audience.  We will also but utilizing other areas of information (such as the keyword report) to help get us zeroed in on our editorial topics.


  • LINK Properly inter-link each post pointing to other helpful resources on your site. 
  • OPTIMIZE Tag posts with keywords to help with search (SEO) (ie. keyword/search engine strategy).
  • RESEARCH Provide on-going content ideas for you if needed based on what people are searching for on-line.



To set you up for long term success through the foundations of SEO. 


  • KEYWORD ANALYSIS Identify optimal keywords for each web page and content piece.
  • SITE STRUCTURE Add all tracking pixels, internal site linking, basic site design, navigation and calls to action.
  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT Set up an editorial calendar with the goal to plan, create, manage and publish content consistently (Content and SEO go hand in hand).
  • ONSITE CLEANUP Uncover crawl errors, missing page elements, broken links and any new issues. 





To create an eye-catching monthly email to send to your subscriber base which will include the high level content you will be providing along with a section highlighting how to purchase your make-up products.


  • PLAN Create an eye-catching email utilizing the content you will be providing as well as any special offers. We will look for ways to further nurture subscribers and boost conversions.
  • MANAGE We will oversee the production, testing and iterations of future emails.
  • ITERATE We will continue to make tweaks with the content, design, and CTAs with frequent reviews of the results to ensure goals are being met.


  • CAMPAIGN CALENDAR Content is managed through a clear and visable calendar to ensure fresh content is delivered each and every send.
  • A/B TESTING From subject lines to calls to action to timing, all emails are reviewed and tested to find the right formula and continuous adjustments will be applied.
  • EMAIL BEST PRACTICES By putting the user first, we are able to improve results. This includes maintaining a clean database, well-structured design, and providing relevant and timely content.


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Set Up - $2,300 / one time cost

On Going - $1,700 / mth

Ad Spend (client choice) - $400-$800 / mth for starters


$300 per 1,000 Contacts