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Prepared for: Aura Health  | Prepared by: Magnificent Marketing LLC | November 2, 2017





Our objective will be to help you achieve a cost per download under $1.00 as well as increase the visibility and awareness of the Aura Health brand.  We will also look to continue to lower your CPD and increase the downloads as the campaigns continue to mature over time.

In order to achieve our objectives, we will be look to apply all Facebook and App Download best practices as well as other Facebook & Instagram ideas and tactics we are privy to.  And in addition to executing your Facebook & Instagram campaign strategies, we will include creative content production to use for future campaigns and ads (still + moving graphic ads).  We will also aim to grow your Instagram following to extend your organic reach on this platform.  Furthermore, we will consult and work with you to create some evergreen organic Facebook posts which will result in free organic reach which in turn will lead to greater visibility for your brand and product offerings.  And lastly, we will set up a re-marketing campaign that will display banner ads to your website visitors once they leave your site and move on to other websites.

And if we do have the pleasure to team up with you, we will conduct a 30-60 minute ad messaging call to get into your clients/prospects head thru you and what you know about your product and marketplace and identify any buzz words, desires, words to stay away from etc... that will get us aligned with your company and marketplace.  As we proceed, you will receive a weekly performance report including all key metrics and examples of the ads that were placed during this time period.

Below you will find some specifics of what we will be doing for you.  You will also see some of our past work to display the quality of creative you can expect from our agency.     

Our mission and end goal is to accomplish our/your goals while also saving you time so you can focus on growing and scaling your company.

We blend old school and new school marketing to create the best school of thought!


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***Fee waived with a 3 month commitment

20% of total ad spend
at $6,000 (and up) per month