To fully redo your website to give you the look and functionality you desire.  The website will be responsive in nature so it will view correctly on all platforms (i.e. laptops, tablets, mobile).

We understand the importance of usability, design and performance as key factors when designing websites. We ensure all pages, forms and content meet Google's mobile standards. Using these strategies, we work with you to ensure that your brand is represented and your marketing goals are accomplished. 



Set Up

    Include social share widgets to encourage user engagement.
    Set up landing pages designed to capture leads.
    Add a pop-up window to encourage inquiries.
    We set up Google Search Console to manage the technical side of your website and prepare it for further SEO initiatives. Search Console is a free software provided by Google that allows you to check the search visibility of your website, monitors the indexed pages status and many more technical aspects. In additions, we will connect set up and connect your Google+ business to your website to increase your online reputation and improve your search results.
    We set up your blog on a  content management system (CMS) to manage your content with regular entries should you choose to go this direction. The CMS allows for easily updating and sharing content across email and social media channels. Your blog is a great source for keyword rich terms that work right in-line with a web marketing strategy.
    Meta Descriptions
    Meta descriptions do not have any technical impact on your search rankings, however they do play a huge role in engaging searchers and encouraging clicks. 

    Title Tags
    Title tags tell humans and search engines what the page is about. We make sure your title tags accurate and unique to every page.

    Heading Tags
    Keyword optimized heading tags help organize the content on your webpage, making it easier for visitors to read and find what they are looking for. 

    Keyword Integration
    Integrating your most important keywords into your body copy is important. But should not be forced. We will naturally work in your keywords while keeping the attention of the reader. 

    ALT Tags
    Since search engines can’t see images, ALT tags and file names tell search engines what the images are on your website.  ALT tags are just one more component of the on-page equation.

    Internal Links
    Linking generic words like 'click here' do not give search engines the necessary information to know what your content is about. Using keywords in your links matters!



          Add pixels to your website and landing page to build a custom audience, which you will be able to market and retarget to.


  • Continue to build custom audiences for visitors to your site (to be used for marketing or re-targeting).