To stand out from the crowd with fun, creative and personalized mailings that will also include examples of your work through the use of QR codes as well as direct links people can go to.  Ideally, I would love to be able to send a product that you have actually done work on that is still a cool gift to give.  There will be a series of 3 gifts and we will discuss the types of gifts once we find out if you have product available from your past and current clients and decide on your budget.  The messaging will also be fun and light and will be tied to the product that we are sending.



  • Once budget and resources are defined, we will decide on and order all the products and design the accompanying letters/post-cards that will be sent with it that will be tied back to a product example.
  • Get all the products ready for mailing so that we can execute this part of the plan in the timeline we set up.


  • Execute the fulfillment of the promotional mailings.