To amplify and promote the 6-Week Fitness Challenge offerings which will be directing potential clients to sign-up and schedule their initial phone interview.


Set Up

  • Creation of all the promotional ads as well as the re-targeted ads and the consideration ads we will be re-targeting with (i.e. testimonial ads).
  • Creating tracking pixels for your website and landing pages to track campaign success and build custom audiences.  Their will be multiple tracking pixels so we can be sure to serve up applicable re-targeted ads based on which pages they land on (i.e. male vs. female).


  • Package the promotional and re-targeted ads with eye-catching images and headlines that are crafted to drive action.
  • Target your campaigns to audiences that are most-likely to sign up for the challenges as well as to the custom audiences we will be building for you based on website traffic.
  • Manage the cost per click (CPC) or cost per view (CPM) to ensure the best performance at the lowest rate. 
  • Track and measure results for continuous improvement. Results will be delivered to you via a weekly report.
  • To break through the convoluted buyer’s process, we will take advantage of re-targeting campaigns where we will follow people who didn't sign up as they move on to other websites.