To amplify your featured articles and original content with the goal of driving targeted traffic to these pages (potentially sponsored pages) as well as your website in general. We will create promotional ads designed to directly generate traffic as well as marketing ads designed to generate potential advertisers and subscribers (for your newspaper and your e-newsletters). The content distribution to promotional ads will have a 1 to 5-10 ratio (i.e. 1 promotional ad for every 5-10 content posts/article). 


Set Up

  • Set up the advertising profiles for each social platforms in order to run paid advertising campaigns (Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest).
  • Creating tracking pixels for your website and landing pages to track campaign success and build custom audiences that we will be marketing & re-targeting to.


  • Take your high-quality content and package it with eye-catching images and headlines that are crafted to drive action.
  • Target your campaigns to audiences that are most-likely interested in your content as well as to the custom audiences we will be creating for you.
  • Manage the cost per click (CPC) or cost per view (CPM) to ensure the best performance at the lowest rate. 
  • Track and measure results for continuous improvement. Results will be delivered to you via a weekly report.
  • We will take advantage of re-targeting campaigns that track your subscribers and website visitors. This tactic is an excellent way to help potential subscribers and clients rediscover your business and your content.