Prepared for: Old Settler's | Prepared by: Magnificent Marketing LLC | July 28, 2017

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Our objective will be to increase the branding, awareness and ticket sales for your AMAZING music festival.  Our target audience will be Folk and Texas Music lovers (specific target audience and demographics will need to be discussed further).  We will be executing a multifaceted approach in order to achieve our objective which will include a mix of social media, social advertising, e-mail marketing, content marketing and a possible tie-in of influencer marketing.

Much of what we will be doing will start with content and be utilized thru these other channels.  The content I am referring to will include pertinent information about your festival such as contests, workshops etc... but leading up the event, we would like to center the core of the content around the bands and artists that will be playing at your festival.  We feel that this will be most interesting to your audience as well as create the most engagement.  We would like to interview and highlight one artist/band per week starting 6 months before your event.  We will then utilize social media and put some ad dollars behind socially advertising these interviews out which will include embeds of their top song or songs in each post (all the posts will be hosted on the blog of your website).  We will also look for the artists/bands and/or their publicists to also share these out socially which will result in highly targeted (and free!) reach with getting them involved which they should naturally do, but will we encourage them to do so.

We will also incorporate this content into the e-newsletters that will be going out.  We don't want to just continue to let people know about the event and specific details (which we will do), but we want to bring some enjoyment to their lives and learning about a cool new band they were not familiar with, or getting to know more about a band/artist they are familiar with, will result in greater interest and engagement from your subscribers and audience.  We understand you sent out about 33 e-newsletters last year and plan on doing the same, we will just want to lead with the engaging and fun content we will be creating.

Tying in an influencer (or possibly more than one) who already has a following that matches your audience is also a tactic we would like to incorporate, we will just need to talk about the ad spend budget to see if we can utilize any spend you are currently using elsewhere as these people do require a fee.  But 3rd party validation is huge in this day and age and your objectives are a perfect match for this marketing tactic.  If we do move forward here, we will look to source out good fits and have them involved.  The details for exactly what we will be doing here still need to be worked out but in general, we want to get a 3rd party involved who has clout and a following.  This could include give-aways or contests or an on-site presence but we do strongly suggest making this part of the plan if we can fit into your budget.

And with this increased traffic to your site generated from these efforts, we will have audiences built up that we can socially market to with call to action ticket sale offers.  We will need to talk with you for when the bulk of your sales have traditionally happened (I know you said Nov-Jan is big) so we know when to be heavy on the call to action pushes, but these will be much more powerful if we are able to send to a custom audience built on the traffic generated to your website from people interested in the content we are distributing.

And finally, during the actual event, we will have two staff members on hand at event handling your social media needs (i.e. responding to Tweets/FB posts etc...) as well as taking photos/videos in live time and posting socially.  We also think getting some attendees on camera talking about how amazing everything is will also be really cool as well as your food vendors (they all seem to have a good time there and would be great to highlight).  And if we can get access to any of the artists during the event and right after they perform would be really awesome content for your followers as well.  This is not 100% necessary, but the more behind the scenes we can get, the better and more interesting these posts will be.

Our mission and end goal is to accomplish our/your goals while also saving you time so you can focus on all the other thousand things you need to do on your end.



We blend old school and new school marketing to create the best school of thought!





To utilize your social media platforms (Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Youtube) to post and distribute the content we will be creating as well as for call to action ticket sale offers. We will also look to achieve our goals here by collaborating with and celebrating your bands/artists so that they will share with their communities which will increase your brand awareness and extend your reach.  In addition, the proposal is to have staff on hand during the event to respond to Tweets/Posts as well as generate content in live time and post to your social channels.


  • SOCIAL PROMOTIONS From promoting your content to your offers + anything else that we find would be of interest to your followers.
  • TAG AND SHARE Connect with followers by tagging and mentioning the bands/artists so that they will share the pieces we are doing on them.
  • AD MANAGEMENT Manage the schedule, budget and performance of each campaign through a promotional calendar to ensure the best performance at the lowest rate. 


  • SOCIAL CALENDAR We set up a social calendar to create visible and a consistent schedule to manage social promotions.
  • CONTENT CREATORS Our team of experienced content creators craft engaging posts to ensure maximum exposure.
  • EYE CATCHING DESIGN Through a series of team creative-storming sessions, ad concepts are thought out to break through the advertising noise.
  • A/B TESTING From the target audience to the creative, ads are tested to find the optimal results.
  • RETARGETING To break through the convoluted buyer’s process, we will take advantage of retargeting campaigns that track your website visitors and allow us to build custom audiences that we will re-market to. This tactic is an excellent way to stay in front of interested parties that have yet to convert.
  • PERSONA BUILDING/AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT We will conduct a 1 hour call with you so we can get a good idea of your target persona/ad messaging call which will help us with our messaging in all areas.



To create eye-catching emails to send to your subscriber base which will include the content we will be creating as well as pertinent information and we will also use email as means to garner ticket sales.  The proposal is for approximately 33 email sends over the course of the campaign.


  • PLAN Create an eye-catching email with interactive components utilizing the content will be creating in addition to any other content you provide that you would like to go out.
  • MANAGE We will oversee the production, testing and iterations of all emails.
  • ITERATE We will continue to make tweaks with the content, design, and CTAs with frequent reviews of the results to ensure goals are being met.
  • REPORT All data will be reported and reviewed to look for new opportunities to improve results.


  • CAMPAIGN CALENDAR Content is managed through a clear and visable calendar to ensure fresh content is delivered each and every send.
  • A/B TESTING From subject lines to calls to action to timing, all emails are reviewed and tested to find the right formula and continuous adjustments will be applied.
  • EMAIL BEST PRACTICES By putting the user first, we are able to improve results. This includes maintaining a clean database, well-structured design, and providing relevant and timely content.



The core of the content will be interviewing and highlighting the bands/artists who will be at your festival.  We will either assign writers to call and interview them and/or have a form with with questions that they can fill out if that is how they prefer to communicate.  The plan is to highlight one band/artist per week starting 6 months before your event.  We will also create any content needed for pertinent information such as workshops or important info about your festival. 


  • Gain access to your CMS.
  • Set up the schedule for your postings (i.e. editorial calendar).


  • We will layout and design and post to your blog/CMS on a weekly basis.
  • We will schedule writers/interviewers to reach out to the bands/artists and/or their publicists.
  • Properly inter-link each post pointing to other helpful resources on your site. 
  • Tag posts with keywords to help with search (SEO) (ie. Search Engine Optimization so that you will benefit from increase organic rankings and search).



To utilize micro influencers that already have a built in following in the Folk and/or Texas Music space.  In order to implement this program we will need to see if we can pull any money from any of your other efforts as these influencers do require a fee.  But if you are wanting to move forward here, we will source out anywhere from 1-3 influencers and build out a plan with them for how they will be involved.  3rd Party validation is huge for a variety of reasons and you will also be able to tap into their followings.  


  • Source out the best fit micro influencers (1-3 of them) thru some influencer targeting tools we subscribe to.
  • Negotiate the best rate on your behalf with them.


  • Work with the influencers to develop a plan for how they will be able to make the most impact.  
  • Continue to incorporate them into all of our efforts and see thru the plan and help them with any and all needs on their end.



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Full Plan

(not including the potential influencer tie-in)



Influencer Program

Set Up - $2,000 / one time cost (waived)

On Going - $2,500 / mthly for 7 months

Ad Spend - Client Choice *

* You said we were working with approx. $7,500 for the full campaign but let us know if you would like to add to this.


Costs - TBD *

* We need to source this out, but costs to implement this will be in the $5K-$10K range.