We’re your partner who will look to help you increase the visibility of you, your brand and your offerings with the end goal to increase sales for your products and training services.

Our mission and end goal is to accomplish this while also saving you time and making sure we bring a return on the investment you are entrusting with us.  



To achieve our objective, we will offer a specific approach to begin with as well as some additional services from which you can choose from to have us implement and execute as you grow.  Initially, the plan will be capture e-mail address from the fremium offerings and then have an automated sequence kick in for each sign up with a series of e-mails that are helpful and explain what they should expect during one of your challenges.  Within these e-mails will be offerings for your paid products and the final e-mails during this sequence will have stronger calls-to-action.  We will also be utilizing social advertising not only for your fremiums and closed Facebook Groups and challenges, but to also promote your paid products and services to people who have shown some interest in you and your brand.

We blend old school and new school marketing to create the best school of thought!

In the following pages, we have customized a plan as if this were our own business.