Prepared for: Cox Property Investments | Prepared by: Magnificent Marketing LLC | July 26, 2017




Our objective will be to help increase the usage of your investment loan services.  Our target audience will consist of real estate investors (i.e. flippers) as well as those showing an interest in investing in and flipping properties.  

In order to achieve our objectives, we will be utilizing hyper targeted social media ads to people in this industry as well as advertise to broader audiences who have expressed an interest in flipping homes.  We will also look to utilize e-mail marketing to reach these audiences and will use the list you purchased as well as add to this list by scraping LinkedIn and building our own list for you.

In addition to just advertising your services and offers we will want to incorporate educational and helpful information that you will be providing.  The reason for this is that we don't want to just continue to advertise your services as this will eventually fall on deaf ears.  However, if you are viewed as a helpful resource and someone who is educating this audience with information that will make their lives and jobs better, trust will be built.  Furthermore, by socially advertising this content to your target audiences, we will be able to drive traffic to your site which we then in turn will re-market to.  The best people to advertise to will be ones that have some familiarity and trust with your company and this will allow us to achieve this vs. only sending out offers to people that may or may not have any familiarity with your company and services.  In addition to this, we suggest setting up a re-marketing campaign where banner ads (call to action ads) will follow people around the web after visiting your site.

The specific plan will be to have you turn in two unique pieces of content each month (again, the more helpful these blog posts are, the more traffic and hence success will come).  We will be adding a blogging component on your site and will turn the articles you provide into nice looking blog posts.  We will then socially advertise these blog posts to your target audience and then will socially re-market to visitors on your site with your offers.  The e-mails we send out twice a month will also include this content along with a section for real estate humor as well as information on your investment loan services.

Our mission and end goal is to accomplish our/your goals while also saving you time so you can focus on growing and scaling your company.


We blend old school and new school marketing to create the best school of thought!





To create an eye-catching bi-monthly (2/mth) email to send to your subscriber base and the list you bought + the list we will be building which will include the high level content you will be providing along with a fun section (TBD) and a section for your offer.  Down the road and once we build up a lot of great content, we also can discuss an option to create e-mail automation programs that will send a sequence of emails to people that have downloaded an extra special piece of content that will be turned into an e-book (i.e. Something like a comprehensive to-do or check list for someone looking to flip a home with everything they need to consider).  The follow up emails will include other helpful pieces of content and end with a call to action asking people if they would like to talk about your loan services.  Again, this will be something to be discussed down the road once these content assets are produced.


  • PLAN Create an eye-catching email with interactive components utilizing the content you will be providing as well as any special offers. We will look for ways to further nurture subscribers and boost conversions.
  • MANAGE We will oversee the production, testing and iterations of future emails.
  • ITERATE We will continue to make tweaks with the content, design, and CTAs with frequent reviews of the results to ensure goals are being met.
  • REPORT All data will be reported and reviewed to look for new opportunities to improve results.


  • CAMPAIGN CALENDAR Content is managed through a clear and visable calendar to ensure fresh content is delivered each and every send.
  • A/B TESTING From subject lines to calls to action to timing, all emails are reviewed and tested to find the right formula and continuous adjustments will be applied.
  • EMAIL BEST PRACTICES By putting the user first, we are able to improve results. This includes maintaining a clean database, well-structured design, and providing relevant and timely content.



To utilize the 2/mth content you will be providing and lay out each in the form of a blog post on your website. The content you will be providing will need to be really helpful to your target audience and look to give them advice on how to make their jobs better.  The more helpful this content is, the more you will be positioned and viewed as a thought leader and helpful resource.



  • Set up a blog component on your site.
  • Set up the schedule for your postings (i.e. we will set up an editorial calendar to help manage your ideas and posts).


  • We will layout and design and post to your blog/CMS on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Properly inter-link each post pointing to other helpful resources on your site. 
  • Tag posts with keywords to help with search (SEO) (ie. keyword/search engine strategy).
  • Provide on-going content ideas for you if needed based on what people are searching for on-line.



To create a targeted list of potential clients in the real estate investment space that we can market to thru your bi-monthly email blast.  We will also be utilizing these contacts to create custom audiences that we will be distributing your content to via social media advertising.

List Building



  • Review & prioritize the top targets you want to build email lists for (location/industry/interests/income level etc…)..
  • Vet the best resources for finding these contacts.


  • Continue to build the lists as outlined per our agreement until we exhaust all the contacts that fit your criteria.
  • Plan is to scrape LinkedIn by utilizing one of our manual list building tools.


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(2 email builds & sends per month)

Set Up - $400 / one time cost

On Going - 30% of monthly ad spend / mthly *

* $300 minimum service fee per mth

Ad Spend - Client Choice


Set Up - $400 / one time cost

On Going - $400 / mthly *

* Cost is for up to 5,000 emails. Cost for additional email contacts will be billed at $.02 each




(2 blog post layouts per mth)

Set up - $100 / one time cost

On Going - $200 per 1,000 contacts

Set up - $200 / one time cost

On Going - $400 / mthly